The Overbeck Oil Change

At Overbeck Auto Services and Cincinnati Hybrid, we have never liked the term “Oil Change”. Our industry has cheapened the value of the oil change in an effort to get you in the door with a low-cost offer, only to use that as an attempt to upsell you other services.

An oil change should go beyond simply draining out the old dirty oil, changing the filter, and filling the engine with fresh oil. An oil change is like getting a check-up. It’s a time when an experienced technician should give your vehicle a good inspection to ensure all systems are working properly and resolve any issues before they leave you stuck on the side of the road.

Any issues we find will be documented and you will be given the option to deal with it in a way that best fits your schedule and budget, without the hard sell.

Our Premium Synthetic Oil Change Service: $64.95

  • Overbeck Auto Services Courtesy Inspection
  • Includes up to 5 quarts of premium motor oil* and filter, per manufacturer specification
  • Check exterior lights
  • Inspect wiper blades and washer operation
  • Perform visual inspection of engine compartment (belts, hoses, wiring, fluid levels, and condition)
  • Perform visual inspection of undercarriage (leaks, suspension, steering linkage, drive axles, exhaust)
  • Lubricate chassis where applicable
  • Top off fluids as necessary
  • Test 12V battery
  • Lubricate door hinges and latches as necessary
  • Inspect engine air filter and cabin air filter, most vehicles
  • Check tires, adjust pressures to specification, including spare
  • Rotate tires if necessary
  • Reset Maintenance Requires light (where applicable)

Standard Oil Changes Available

We have never offered a “cheap” oil change. Most of our regular customers who have known this for years deeply value our premium service. However, we have found that some of our customers still enjoy checking their lights, wipers, filters, etc. on their own. For those of you who find joy in routine vehicle maintenance, we also offer a more “standard” oil change service that doesn’t include the extras listed above.