Brake Repair in Amelia & Madisonville, OH

Brakes are some of the most commonly neglected parts of our vehicles. We tend not to give them a second thought until we hear them squealing and squeaking or until we feel a vibration or shaking in the brake pedal. If something feels or sounds “off” to you, there’s a good chance a problem has been brewing with your brakes for much longer than you realized.

Luckily, Overbeck Auto Services is here to make sure your brakes always stay in tip-top shape.

Keeping You Safe With Reliable Brake Maintenance

Brakes that need repair or replacement not only pose a serious risk to you and anyone in your vehicle but also everyone else on the road. Common signs you have a problem with your braking system include a sticky or spongy pedal feel, a solid or flashing ABS light, grinding, squeaking, and pulling to the side during braking.

If you experience any of these problems, it indicates an issue with your vehicle’s brakes you should address immediately.

Brake Repairs, Installation, and Replacements

Here at Overbeck Auto Services, we can handle all your brake repair and replacement needs. Our brake services include:

  • Brake inspection & testing
  • Brake pad/rotor replacement
  • Brake fluid flushes & refills
  • Brake line replacement & repair
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • ABS (anti-lock brake system) repair
  • Hydraulic system maintenance
  • And more!

Cincinnati Brake Repair

If your vehicle has brake problems, you need to address them immediately. Overbeck Auto Services has been a staple in the Cincinnati area for more than 45 years, and we have locations in Amelia and Madisonville, OH to serve you. Contact your nearest location and schedule an appointment today.