Classic Car Transmission Services in Cincinnati

Transmission services are a big deal on any vehicle, but they’re an even more delicate matter when dealing with a classic car. Exactly how much needs to be done to your transmission? Overbeck Auto Services has been servicing cars in Cincinnati for 45 years, so you can trust that we only recommend the transmission service that your classic car actually needs.

Amelia and Madisonville, OH Classic Car Transmission Services

At Overbeck Auto Services, our passion for classic cars shows through in everything we do. We treat each car as we would our own, so you can trust that we’ll give your transmission exactly what it needs – and nothing it doesn’t. We want to keep your classic car on the road where it belongs.

White-Glove Cincinnati Classic Car Restoration

If your classic car needs transmission services, you want to find the most trustworthy place in town to handle it. Unlike some repair shops, we see classic cars regularly, so we aren’t thrown by how different they can be compared to today’s vehicles. We also provide white-glove service for every classic car, because we understand the value they have.

When you’re ready to schedule a transmission service or any other restoration, repairs, or service for your classic car, contact your nearest location in Amelia or Madisonville, OH to make an appointment.