Regular Maintenance for Classic Cars in Amelia & Madisonville, OH

While all cars need regular maintenance, classic cars require a little extra care to keep them looking and running their best. If you live in the Cincinnati area and have a classic car that’s due for some regular maintenance, trust the experts at Overbeck Auto Services, with locations in Amelia and Madisonville, OH.

Below is a list of some of the types of services available for classic cars and special interest vehicles. If you have a question about our capabilities or a specific service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

Cincinnati Classic Car Maintenance

What sort of maintenance do classic cars need? Here are some things you should stay on top of to keep your car looking and running its best while also retaining its value:

  • Keep it clean. Dirt, dust, and road salt can cause corrosion, rust, and mechanical issues.
  • Check your brakes. Even if you don’t drive your classic car that often, dirt and air can get into your brake lines and cause serious problems. Have an experienced mechanic flush your brake fluid and check the wear on the brake pads at least once or twice a year.
  • Store it properly. Sun, heat, cold, humidity, and more can all negatively affect your classic car, even more so than modern cars. If possible, keep your car in a heated garage. At Overbeck Auto Services, all classic cars are kept inside the shop while in our care.
  • Flush the cooling system. Old coolant can cause corrosion or blockages, so flush the cooling system at least once a year.
  • Get a checkup. Even – or especially – if you don’t drive your classic car very often, dirt, rust, dust, and corrosion are constantly battling to damage your car. Bring it in for regular maintenance at least twice a year to check for small issues before they turn into major problems.
  • Drive your car at least once a month. Sitting around can actually cause more harm than good, as gaskets and other rubber parts can dry out and crack. Take your classic car out for a drive at least once a month to keep all the parts lubed up and running smoothly.

White-Glove Classic Car Service in Cincinnati

Whether your classic car needs regular maintenance or more intensive repairs, you can trust the experts at Overbeck Auto Services. We’re a second-generation family-owned repair shop that has been servicing the Cincinnati area since 1976, and all of our technicians have at least 20 years of experience each.

We’re as passionate about classic cars as you are, which is why every classic car gets white-glove service. Your car will be safely stored indoors and away from other vehicles while it’s in our care. We can handle every aspect of classic car restoration, repair, and service apart from paint and bodywork.

To schedule an appointment, contact your nearest Overbeck Auto Services location in either Amelia or Madisonville, OH.