Ignition Repairs & Replacements for Cincinnati Classic Cars

Like any lock that requires a key, an ignition can wear out with time, meaning your classic car won’t start when you try to turn your key. Ignition repairs and replacements are a bit more complicated on classic cars than today’s models, so you’re better off trusting the experts at Overbeck Auto Services in Cincinnati. We regularly work on classic cars, and we understand the extra level of care and attention they need compared to newer models.

Classic Car Ignition Repairs & Replacements in Amelia & Madisonville, OH

Whether your classic car’s ignition needs a simple repair or needs to be replaced, we’re equipped to handle it. In fact, the experts at Overbeck Auto Services can handle any classic car repairs, services, and restoration apart from paint and bodywork. You can trust us to help keep your classic car running its best rather than sitting in your garage.

Cincinnati Classic Car Repairs

When it’s time for ignition repairs and replacement or any other service on your classic car, you want the most trustworthy place in town to handle it. Overbeck Auto Services in Cincinnati is a second-generation family-owned repair shop that has been a trusted fixture since 1976. All of our technicians have at least 20 years of experience, and we see more classic cars than most other places in town.

We know how much you treasure your classic car, which is why we give white-glove service to every classic car entrusted to us. All classic cars are kept indoors, away from other vehicles, for that extra layer of protection.

If you’re ready to trust us with your classic car’s ignition repair or replacement – or any other classic car service, restoration, or repair – choose your nearest location in either Amelia or Madisonville, OH and schedule an appointment now.