Why Choose Overbeck Auto Services?

Here at Overbeck Auto in Cincinnat, Ohio, we’ve been diagnosing and repairing vehicles since 1976 and we’re very good at it. Our team of experienced technicians work hand-in-hand with our customer care team to ensure that you and your vehicle drive out of our shop with a positive memorable experience.

We also have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable automotive experts in the country who has been sharing his knowledge on the radio and television airways for 24 years.

We employ some of the nicest, most compassionate, concerned, detailed and experienced customer service teams in the automotive service industry. We have one of the cleanest shops in the region which translates into a clean experience for you and your vehicle.

We expect that your experience with us will lead to more experiences with us and if that is NOT the case, then we would appreciate hearing that sooner than later.

Call us today at 513.271.1570 to experience the best in automotive care.